Settling into our new home


This is the U + I team all together in our new home, 7A Howick Place, Victoria. The office, a joint effort by a fantastic creative team that included Coffey Architects, Ab Rogers Design, North Design and Stephan Dowers, has been designed to deliver the best modern working environment for our team that encourages a spirit of collaboration and creativity.

In this vein, meeting rooms are bright and airy featuring lots of glass and colour, many are open plan and some are even in the middle of the office floor. There’s also plenty of visual statement pieces to keep us entertained and inspired – a casual meeting room beneath a neon pink fringe, an oversized horse astride a meeting table, dangling figurines floating down on umbrellas in the atrium and pops of colour featured throughout the office.

We are joined in 7A Howick place by Realstar Group, our partners on our residential scheme, Wick Lane Wharf, since 2012 and now our neighbours.

We hope to see you in ‘Five Minutes’, or any of our other meeting rooms very soon.