Our business model

Unlocking potential and adding value

Secure land

We secure land that is right for community focused regeneration and mixed-use development projects.These are often underestimated and overlooked sites, full of heritage and potential, too complex for others.

We are good at securing sites:

  • Strong relationships lead to off-market deals
  • We have a proven track record of more than 25 years
  • We focus on regions where planning policy promotes regeneration

Unlock + add value

We unlock value in three ways:

1. Regeneration/development

Transforming overlooked public or private sector brownfield land into homes, offices, student beds, retail, leisure and public spaces that bring together local communities.


of gross assets

Financial characteristics

  • Large, long-term projects.
  • Multi-year profit flows.
  • 12-35% IRR; 2.0x-5.0x equity multiple

Profit driver

Development management fees during build-out; profit from letting or selling completed site/project phases.

Selected elements of regeneration projects transfer to investment portfolio to capture additional value.

How it works

Long-term, large-scale, mixed-use regeneration projects in partnership with public and private bodies. Equity light, these are undertaken with a public sector landowner, who seeds the partnership with land.

This means low upfront capital requirements for U+I. We capture value through development margin, as we deliver the amenities, offices, homes, jobs and public assets that communities need, and which resource-poor local authorities would otherwise struggle to deliver alone.

2. Trading

Buy undervalued, mispriced land or buildings; creating value through enhanced or changed planning consent or asset management; selling at higher value.


of gross assets

Financial characteristics

  • Short-term activities.
  • 1-3 year profit flows.
  • >30% IRR; 1.5x equity multiple.

Profit driver

Disposal of project

How it works

Short-term trading opportunities where we apply our expertise in sourcing and buying undervalued land and buildings, creating value through enhanced planning consents, change of use or asset management.

Our relationships and understanding of the market allow us to focus on opportunities where terms of trade are in our favour and we can realise value efficiently.

3. Investment portfolio

Acquire new or transfer our own regeneration assets for creative curation, adding value through asset management, refurbishment and lease extensions.


of gross assets

Financial characteristics

  • Recurring revenue.
  • Covers some of U+I’s overheads.
  • Asset management increases portfolio value.

Profit driver

Disposal of assets.

How it works

Recurring revenue achieved by acquiring assets with a regeneration focus that will deliver an income yield. We seek out sites that we believe have been overlooked and add value through smart asset management.

We find sites with longer-term regeneration potential, that can feed our development pipeline. Alternatively, where we develop a site, we are increasingly looking to bring elements of it into our investment portfolio to drive further value and nurture it over time.

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