Our business model

Unlocking potential and adding value

Secure land

We secure land that is right for community focused regeneration and mixed-use development projects.These are often underestimated and overlooked sites, full of heritage and potential, too complex for others.

We are good at securing sites:

  • Strong relationships lead to off-market deals
  • We have a proven track record of more than 25 years
  • We focus on regions where planning policy promotes regeneration

Unlock + add value

We unlock value in three ways:

Public Private Partnership

Transforming sites into vibrant mixed-use communities.


of gross assets

Large, long-term regeneration projects

We have an equity-light approach with the public or private sector which seeds the partnership with land. 

We capture value through mixed-used development, typically including some residential, office, retail and leisure.

Financial characteristics: Multi-year profits.
Profit driver: developing site and subsequent letting / disposal.

Quality, network and trust give us a licence to operate:

  • We have a high success rate in securing public private partnerships
  • We are a public sector partner of choice and TfL and GLA panel members, giving us privileged access to new opportunities


Improving land value through planning or asset management.


of gross assets

Short-term trading opportunities: 

We take advantage of mis-priced assets.

We secure land and add value through enhanced planning consents, change of use, or asset management.

Financial characteristics: 1-3 year profits
Profit driver: Disposal.

We are good at getting planning permission:

  • Our success rate is >90%, mitigating planning risk
  • We have long-term relationships with decision makers
  • We optimise mix of use and density to create value through planning


Smart asset management where there is regeneration potential.


of gross assets

Asset management

We add value through active asset management of income producing sites. They are our anchor for development and trading.

Financial characteristics: Recurring stable income and capital growth.
Profit driver: Potential sale in excess of book value or capital value through revaluation.

Our proactive approach and local knowledge drives value:

  • Asset management initiatives mean assets average 10% total return.
  • Our regeneration focus allows us to transition PPP / trading projects across to our investment portfolio where we can nurture them to gain further long-term value.

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