Our strategic priorities

Crafting the right strategic response

1. People first approach

Our greatest strength is our people and their belief in what we do every day. Not just those in our 80+ strong U+I team, but also those in our wider team which encompasses our close network of partners and communities, whose additional expertise and insights allow us to keep improving.

The success of our projects relies on our ability to make the most of our team’s intelligence, imagination and audacity. These values underpin everything we do, and we nurture a culture people are proud to be a part of and contribute to.

It’s inspiring and motivating for our people who have a clear purpose, it benefits our communities that are involved in shaping their future places and it benefits our partners who can innovate for a common goal.

These close working relationships ensure we retain our passion and ambition to do better and deliver quality, sustainable returns for our shareholders

2. Grow pipeline of large regeneration projects in our three core geographies

Building on our 25+ year track record in regeneration, we work with close and trusted public and private sector partners to grow our short and long-term pipeline of major PPP projects in our core geographies of London City Region, Manchester and Dublin. Our focus is on opportunities where there is a need for regeneration, a supportive planning context and an evident undersupply of homes, jobs and amenities – typically in underloved, overlooked sites – that are too complex for REITs and too mixed in use for housebuilders, where we can generate excellent shareholder return.

Our equity-light approach means we limit our financial exposure by the PPP structure forward-selling and forward-funding our development projects. In doing so we reduce our exposure to any one individual project, whilst enabling us to build a pipeline of larger, more profitable projects, with significant upside potential.

3. Drive value through an integrated model

Focused on regeneration, our integrated development, trading and investment portfolio drives our growth and allows us to play to our strengths.

We secure opportunities, add value through planning (where we have a >90% success rate), and realise value through the development, sale, or nurturing of assets with the most potential in our investment portfolio. We can also add and realise further long-term value through proactive asset management initiatives.

4. Deliver solid, consistent returns 

Maintaining the balance of longer-term PPP projects, shorter-term trading activity and recurring revenue from the investment portfolio means we can generate consistent returns through the property cycle.

Our specialist platforms enable us to generate additional revenue streams through off-balance sheet activity, delivering more projects, using the same resources.

We target a 12% average post-tax total return.

5. Maintain capital discipline and a strong balance sheet

By actively managing an efficient balance sheet with appropriate gearing and a sizeable cash buffer, we mitigate against development exposure and financial leverage risks.

Where we have excess capital on our balance sheet, we use our strong cash flows to reinvest, pay-down debt or return capital to shareholders, to align them with our success.

We have a clear policy for the ordinary dividend and supplemental dividend, which has been paid every year since U+I was formed. 

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