Resources + relationships

Assembling all the resources we need


We have a motivated team of experts with the right mix of experience and skills to deliver the ambitious projects our partners and communities expect and deserve. They have curiosity to learn and audacity in their ideas. Our strong brand attracts a wide range of talent, which has a hunger to work with us.


Motivated by our values, we have the vision to see potential where others can’t and the intelligence, imagination and audacity to take ideas forward. Purpose drives everything we do – to benefit the communities in which we work and all our stakeholders, helping us to deliver our financial performance.


We seek underloved, overlooked sites which we can buy, transform, revive and nurture, whilst respecting and reviving their heritage.


Regeneration only works through genuine partnership and collaboration. We work collaboratively with our partners and bring together the best people to challenge ideas, innovate and ultimately deliver change. They include government and local authorities, architects, artists and contractors, communities, our own people and investors. 

Financial strength

A strong, efficient balance sheet, an equity-light approach and access to finance mean we can move quickly when we find the right opportunities where we can unlock potential.


Over the last 25+ years we have built real trust in the way we operate and behave. Trust in our approach, trust in our people and trust that we will work hard to create characterful places that leave a long-lasting legacy of positive change for the communities we work with. This reputation means we are invited to bid for exciting new business opportunities.

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