Our business model


Our business model focuses on our strengths in complex, mixed-use regeneration where we have a competitive advantage.

This focused approach aligns with long-term structural shifts accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Government’s “Build, Build, Build” agenda and will, we believe, enable us to deliver the greatest benefits for the communities we work in and sustained shareholder returns.


We seek out underestimated brownfield sites, often overlooked by others, in our chosen geographies, where we can unlock long-term value. The land is typically owned by the public or private sector, who want to generate income but do not have the resources, capital or expertise to do so. This gives U+I access to sites with prime regeneration potential for limited upfront equity.



U+I partners with the public or private sector. It often has the option to buy the site, increasing its end profits.

Typical scale: £200 million-£1.5 billion.


We start the placemaking process, working closely with local authorities, our partners and communities. We spend time thoroughly researching the history of a place, its importance to the community and their social identity. We ask what local people want for the future so we can create inspirational neighbourhoods where people of all generations will enjoy spending time. Where we are able to, we open up our sites at the start of the consultation process, creating Worthwhile Use spaces, helping us to build trust and foster close – and lasting – relationships.



U+I typically invests £2-10 million on design, planning, consultations, Worthwhile Use, as well as to secure forward funding and/or pre-sales.


Based on our conversations with local communities, we create customised designs and plans that reflect the spirit and heritage of the place. This is where trust, relationships and experience are so important and where ‘thoughtful regeneration’ is vital in creating value.

By creating a shared vision with local stakeholders, we have their support. This means we have an excellent track record in securing planning consent.



Profits from the uplift in land value, having secured planning consent


Having unlocked the land’s value, we have two options.

We either sell off parcels of land to specialist housebuilders or office developers who we trust and have long-standing relationships with, where they can build out the scheme more efficiently and cost-effectively than we can. They will develop the sites out with a design blueprint to ensure the quality and integrity of the end scheme.

Or, we also have the option to build out parts or all of the schemes ourselves with appropriate long-term capital partners to capture fees and additional margin.



Partner(s) return all U+I costs. 

Potential for profits from sale of plots of land.


We and our partners will then start to deliver our mixed-use neighbourhood, curating new homes, office space, shops and other amenities. We will also deliver infrastructure, roads, walkways and public spaces. In larger sites, we will take a phased approach so we can prioritise those amenities most urgently needed. This also allows us to recycle capital as different phases complete and reduces the risk.



Earn pre-agreed development management fees from funding partner over the lifespan of the project.

Earn development profits (from funding partner or direct if no funding partner) as different phases complete, reinvesting in new phases of the scheme.

Earn uplift in land value as new phases secure planning.


Once construction completes, U+I, any joint venture partner and funding partner will all make profits through the disposal or valuation of the site when let, with percentages of the gains agreed in advance. U+I may keep hold of some or all of a site so it can benefit from its longer-term value, as it secures rent through asset management.



Earn development profits on sale of completed developments.

Recurring rental income where we retain elements of schemes.


Creating value

Our business model


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