Blackhorse Road sees a SIDESHOW


As part of our continued effort to bring new life to Walthamstow, we are pleased to announce the launch of a new project. In partnership with Blackhorse Workshop, local residents and visitors will be welcomed to our Equipment Works site for SIDESHOW.

Running up until the end of December 2017, SIDESHOW features a series of interactive exhibitions as well as providing a new hub of entertainment and culture for the area. We wanted to pay homage to the rich history and heritage of the site, which was originally home to the Associate Equipment Company Factory, whose prototypes inspired the design of London’s iconic Routemaster bus.

Celebrating upcoming talent and fostering a sense of community is what underpins our schemes, and SIDESHOW marks another such achievement in our meanwhile use initiative. Part of the project saw The Workshop team up with Ehk!, a young architectural practice, and artist Toby Poolman to design the world’s first giant bus component marble run, working with local carpenters and metalworkers to build the structure.

SIDESHOW will also be temporary home for local makers, who will be given free access to space as a way of helping them to showcase their work, which they can so often be priced out of doing.

Showcase will be the bi-monthly exhibition series that will be presented at SIDESHOW, curated and designed by art director Katie Fotis, displaying work made by designers based at Blackhorse Workshop. Opening with The Sound of Summer (ending 2nd September) each of these three selling exhibitions will explore and reveal different aspects behind the making process, introducing fresh approaches to design and emerging talent to be inspired by. To find out more about what’s happening at SIDESHOW, visit: