Studio SWINE inspires for U+I Think


‘Inspirational’ was definitely the word that came to everyone’s mind after our U+I Think event with Studio SWINE

We invited the art and design duo to share their approach to 'transforming the unloved and overlooked into something unusual and ingenious' for our July U+I Think event. The award-winning team create beautiful works across the fields of art, design and film, exploring themes of regional identity, sustainability and the future of resources within the context of globalisation.

U+I Think events aim to inspire extraordinary thinking, looking outside of the property development realm for inspiration. Drawing parallels with our approach to regeneration, placemaking and provenance, Studio SWINE were an awe-inspiring addition to the programme. 


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A collaboration between Japanese architect Azusa Murakami and British artist Alexander Groves, their work has taken them all over the world. Operating across a wide range of disciplines, Studio SWINE's work has gained an international audience and prestigious accolades. They have completed projects in Sao Paulo, China and the Atlantic Ocean.   

The dynamic duo are not strangers to the world of real estate. As their work began to win awards and attract attention, they were approached by the Crown Estate to design a small series of public benches for Piccadilly. Drawing as ever on the local vernacular of place, they sought direct inspiration from the shops of St. James, wanting to translate 300 years of history in craft-making into their benches. The result – a set of four beautiful benches, representative of the local trades of shoemaking, tie-making, tailoring and pipe-making. 

Real estate does not exist in a bubble of its own. For U+I, design is a powerful tool and source of inspiration as is the importance of the history and unique identity of local places. Across industries, disciplines and walks of life, Studio SWINE’s message of sustainability, connectivity and regional identity is not only inspiring, but important for our times; it was an honour to have them share their unique perspective on the world for U+I Think. 

To find out more about Studio Swine, visit their website. For notifications on upcoming U+I Think events, drop us an email