The Deptford Project Becomes Deptford Market Yard


If you go down to Deptford today, you might spot our new hand painted hoarding on the high street.

The Deptford Project is becoming Deptford Market Yard and what better place to announce this than on the high street. It took just over two days for our London-based street artists to complete the sign, with the design and colours inspired by old classic market signage.

Just over 18 months since we began work on site, The Deptford Project is almost complete. The Market Yard is located at the centre of the mixed-use development and includes the entrance to Deptford railway station. The new market yard will be an addition to Deptford’s existing markets and the new arch openings in the Carriage Ramp will ensure better connectivity in the town centre. The development also includes 132 new homes for the town centre including three new townhouses which look onto The Market Yard.

To find out more about the remaining commercial units at Deptford Market Yard email You can also tag us in your pictures of Deptford @DeptfordMktYard