At a glance

A snapshot of our business

Facts + figures*

£ 11bn+

GDV of current development pipeline

£ 42.8m

Development and trading gains

£ 154m

Investment portfolio

£ 10bn+

Socio-economic value


Local authorities we are active in


Team members


Events and community activities held at our worthwhile sites


Football pitches fit into U+I's development pipeline


Guests have attended events in U+I's auditorium since the office opened

*as at 31.03.19



Our response to market trends



Our response
We look for places that we can improve, many of them underloved or overlooked. Typically, these sites are too complex for REITs and too mixed in use for housebuilders, but they suit us perfectly. We believe developments can only work when people are prioritised, so we take the time to delve into the history and character of these sites and reflect these in our scheme. We often partner with the private or public sector – including TfL, MoD, local authorities and central/local government – to generate optimal returns from existing assets and unlock their potential.


War for talent

Our response
We work closely with communities and partners from the outset to ensure we are creating places that will meet the daily needs of the different generations. Quality and sustainability are key. We understand the importance of accessibility, working with our partners to ensure public transport, road, cycle and walking access opens up areas. The amenities available must also meet modern flexible living/working habits to encourage closer communities in the long-term and support growth.


Political and regulatory uncertainty

Our response
Our size and the flexibility of our approach mean we can anticipate change and respond to it quickly. We foster close relationships with government across parties, the public and private sector and regulators, many of whom know us well. We are thought leaders on the major issues, working collaboratively towards policies and a regulatory framework that will support our shared goal of helping local communities to prosper. The need for quality (and affordable) housing, office and leisure space will continue regardless of leadership or politics, particularly in our core London City Region, Manchester and Dublin where demand is growing.


Wellbeing and sustainability

Our response
Our schemes encourage more healthy, active lifestyles and help cultivate a sense of community. Typically, they offer green space to encourage cycling and walking and a range of leisure amenities – such as gyms, yoga studios, bike facilities and entertainment. Our buildings’ design, automation and energy management systems are created to optimise comfort, environmental quality and sustainability and, in turn, productivity.


Future proofing

Our response
Our 25-year track record and >90% success in obtaining planning give us an edge and provide unique access to public and private sector opportunities. Our focus on mixed-use regeneration in three high-growth markets – London City Region, Manchester and Dublin – where we have both the intimate understanding of local demographics and their evolving needs, as well as the flexible approach and creative vision to see and realise potential, mean we can support local authorities in meeting the growing demand for high-quality mixed-use spaces.

How we measure our progress

£ 50m+

average development and trading gains target per annum


average post tax total return target


average investment portfolio total return target


gearing on balance sheet target

How we create value

We secure land that is right for community focused regeneration and mixed-use development projects.

These are often underestimated and overlooked sites, full of heritage and potential, too complex for others.

We are good at securing sites:

  • Strong relationships lead to off-market deals
  • We have a proven track record of more than 25 years
  • We focus on regions where planning policy promotes regeneration


We unlock value in three ways


Public Private Partnership

Transforming sites into vibrant mixed-use communities

31% of gross assets



Improving land value, primarily through planning

39% of gross assets



Smart asset management where there is regeneration potential

30% of gross assets


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