ESG is an integrated part of our approach, across our business and our projects.

Since we were formed in 2015, we have been focused on ensuring every scheme will realise positive change for local communities, encouraging healthy living and working and creating happy, thriving places where people want to spend time. Typically, our buildings are created with locally procured, renewable materials and offer green space to encourage cycling and walking, as well as a range of leisure amenities.

However, we still have much to do to measure the social and environmental benefits of our schemes and to keep improving our practices. To help us, in 2020 we engaged an external consultant to extensively review our strategy, national legislation and policy and – importantly – speak to our different stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations. The consultants used an evidence-based methodology to identify material issues the strategy needed to address and ensure our approach would be relevant, both for now and for the future. They helped us to form a clear vision with focus areas and objectives as outlined below. This is only the start as we move ahead at pace so we can expand our capabilities and meet our ambitions to be best-in-class. 

ESG Vision





Inclusive places

To create thriving mixed-use places that support diverse communities, catalyse economic opportunity and enhance biodiversity.
  • Purposeful construction and placemaking
  • Biodiversity and green infrastructure
  • Affordable housing
  • Affordability of product and services
  • Inclusive economic development
Inspiring buildings To design buildings that deliver lasting benefits to those who use them and the environment within which they are built.
  • Circular economy
  • Building labels and standards
  • Building wellbeing and productivity
  • Energy and carbon
Engaged communities To build strong relationships and close partnerships that drive collaboration, encourage inclusivity and promote wellbeing.
  • Community cohesion
  • Healthy and sustainable communities
  • Diversity and inclusivity
A company fit for purpose To establish U+I as a genuinely responsible business that cares about its people, cares about the long-term impact of its work and recognises its environmental and social obligations.
  • Employee engagement
  • Transparent disclosure
  • Responsible supply chain management
  • Corporate governance
  • Alternative capital raising/funding models



To build on our tradition of thought leadership, we will set up forward-looking working groups focused on carbon, biodiversity, circular economy and health and wellbeing. They will identify pilot practical solutions that we can test run at our current projects. This will embed ESG into all our projects and provide us with the means of demonstrating how we are realising positive change. We will also investigate possibilities for collaborating with academic institutions on all these topics.

We need to measure and report our impact in a consistent way across our business. Not only do we need to set ambitious targets, but we need to agree smart metrics and establish robust and consistent measurement and reporting processes throughout the company. In this way we will be able to learn as we move forward and adapt our systems to ensure that they deliver the best possible impacts and outcomes for our partners, our investors and for the communities where we work on an ongoing basis.